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Heath Morrison is an award-winning superintendent and education leader with over 30 years of experience working in both the private and public sectors as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and president of a large education company. 

Dr. Heath Morrison is an accomplished superintendent and education leader in Montgomery, Texas. He is currently serving as the superintendent of the Montgomery Independent School District, a position he was appointed to in June 2020. Morrison brings over 30 years of experience working in both the private and public sectors as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and president of a large education company. His professional background has helped him become known and respected as a leader within the education sector. 

Growing up, Morrison was a student in Virginia before his military family moved to England, and was enrolled in an english school. It was at this point where he started to struggle academically. Upon moving back to the United States, he continued to struggle with the pace of his classes, leading to him being placed in corrective courses. With the right guidance from his teachers, Heath would help him not only get back on track academically, but also allowed him to graduate highschool. 

Heath Morrison originally attended William & Mary University in Virginia, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government. During his time at William & Mary, Heath discovered his passion for education, and made the decision to pursue a career in it. Following graduation, he would go on to attend the University of Maryland, where he earned both his Master of Education degree, as well as PhD in educational administration and supervision. 

After completing his studies, Heath Morrison began his accomplished career working as a social studies teacher in Fredericksburg, Virginia.He would go on to work in an underperforming school in Maryland, before making the ultimate decision to enter education administration. 


In 1994, Heath became the Vice Principal of Westlake High School, before moving on to become the Principal at John Hanson Middle School. By 2000, he was offered the role of Principal of Thomas Stone High School, which serves approximately 2,300 students. Under his leadership, the minority student AP participation went from 13% to 53% for the school, marking a significant improvement. 

In 2006, Heath Morrison was recognized for his incredible efforts by being named as the Maryland Principal of the Year. Heath’s acuity and commitment to students helped him progress quickly through the educational administration ranks, and contributed to his selection as a Community Superintendent in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and, later, as the Superintendent of Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada.

While working as the Superintendent of Washoe County School District, Heath Morrison oversaw 94 public schools and 8 charter schools throughout the Reno, Nevada area, which accounted for approximately 65,000 students. After shifting how the district approaches teaching, 87% of the schools showed an improvement in both math and reading. Additionally, graduation rates rose 14 points in only two years, and the number of students taking AP courses doubled. These efforts would eventually lead to Heath being named as the 2011 Nevada Superintendent of the Year and AASA’s 2012 National Superintendent of the Year. 


Heath Morrison took a break from working as a superintendent, and became the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales and Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Education Policy at the McGraw-Hill School Group. Eventually he became the President of the school group, which helps provide educators and students in PreK-12 the tools, programs, and services they need to succeed. Today, Heath works as the Superintendent of Montgomery Independent School District in Montgomery, Texas. 


Heath Morrison is also passionate about spreading awareness about education and how we can improve access to a strong education for children of all backgrounds. He has been asked to speak at a number of events over the years to share his experiences working in education, as well as what he has learned. In November 2020, he was a featured speaker for The School Superintendents Association’s recent webinar, Leading For Equity: Intentionality For Access and Opportunity. During the webinar, Heath focused on educational equity, and how we can ensure that all students have access to a fair education. 


In January 2021, Heath Morrison spoke at the REMOTE K12: The Connected Teacher Summit, which was hosted by Arizona State University. The webinar focused on how teachers and education leaders can approach virtual, blended, and in-person learning settings for students of all levels. Most recently, Heath was a featured speaker for the webinar, Tips & Tools for Supporting K-12 System Resiliency into the Future. During the webinar, speakers focused on resilience in the classroom, and how educators can help students build their resilience. He enjoys speaking at events and webinars, as he understands the benefits of increasing awareness around education around the country. 


Heath Morrison entered into the education system thanks to a love of learning and a debt to the educators who helped him find his way when he was lost. Throughout his entire career, Morrison has remained faithful to the idea that without supportive teachers, students will lack the necessary environment needed to thrive. He believes that supported and informed educators yield empowered and enthusiastic students. Looking at Morrison’s track record of educational transformation, this philosophy has proven successful. 


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